Are your hotdogs-"Sabrets"? Is this an option? - We use Sabrets only.
How many people are in your staff for a BBQ or Pig Roast? Depends on your final number but typically 2-4 crew members. Additional staffing such as servers and bartenders are available if you are interested.

Would you need a power supply from our residence? Not unless the event spills into the evening after dark. Then yes we may need some power for lighting.

What happens to the leftover foods? All prepared foods are yours. The staff will wrap up all leftovers and leave them wherever you you would like.
Do you provide fruit salad? If yes, what would be the additional cost? Adding fruit salad to your package is $1.50 per guest.

Do you provide coffee? If yes, what is the additional cost? Yes, coffee service is $1.95 per person and includes coffee, decafe, tea, cups, condiments etc.

What is your required work area? All outside/Inside? We do all our work outside. We create our own field kitchen.

Do you have ice? If yes, what is the additional cost? - We can bring ice for your event. We can supply party sleeves of ice which would be included in the price if we provide the beverages.

Will your staff be responsible for the clean-up during the day? The crew covered by labor cost will be focused on the preparation and presentation of your selected menu. Our 
people are great and very flexible so if we can help you with anything we will but if you want someone to focus on cleaning up after your guests then as mentioned before we can provide additional serving staff @ $22.00 - $25.00 per hour/ minimum 4 hours.

Will your team take all party garbage? Our staff will take away all the garbage created by the preparation and presentation of your menu. If you would like us to provide all garbage removal your event we can do so for a small fee.

Will the pig roast be on a turning spit for guests to view, prior to serving? 
Qcrew BBQ uses a tow roaster to prepare your pig. The pig will arrive on site fully cooked two hours before your meal time. The roaster will be on and the pig will be available to your guest for photos, commentary etc. In order for us to truly control the cooking time and provide the best food service experience for you and your guest we use the roaster not a rotisserie grill. 


How long do you provide food service for? - We arrive about 2 hours before the time you would like your guest to eat, light the grills and set up a buffet under a canopy. lf your meal time is @ 2pm, for example, we grill for 2 hours and once every one has had their fill we start breaking down. We are on site for about 5 hours all together providing food for 2-3 hours.‚Äč